Pham Nguyen Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of soft cakes, biscuits, chocolates, crackers and its trade marketed “Phaner Pie”, a marshmallow filled bun with a chocolate coating. As a leader in the Vietnamese snack food industry, Pham Nguyen Foods takes it place within the top of Southeast Asia’s leading snack food manufacturers.

Pham Nguyen Foods develops new products in its independent laboratories, employing an experienced and expert R&D staff. Introducing new products each year to the market, Pham Nguyen Foods has continued to excel in innovation, thus making the Company one of the top food brands in Vietnam.

Pham Nguyen Food’s products are exported mainly to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe the United States and Russia. Pham Nguyen Foods not only contributes to Vietnam’s economy through its exports, but it also successfully represents Vietnam’s approach to quality on a global scale.

Pham Nguyen Foods is proud of the positive impact it has made to the people of Vietnam, and wishes to thank the contribution of the 800 staff that currently make the Company one of the most successful private businesses in Vietnam. Pham Nguyen Foods is proudly family owned.


Number of soft cakes that manufactured and were enjoyed in 2009


We sell throughout Vietnam! We distribute through over 41,000 points of sale.


Number of countries exported to in
2010: 15 (more and more people are enjoying our snacks!)


Number of employees: 1000, and over 70% of our management are women!


Two-Bite Solo Golden Cake

Favourite Domestic Product: Two-Bite Solo Golden Cake in 14g size.

Jumbo Phaner Pie Premium chocolate

Favourite Export Product: Jumbo Phaner Pie Premium chocolate coated cake with marshmallow in 30g size.

3250 & 7000

Number of children that toured our factory in 2009: 3250. Number of Solo and Phaner Pie’s enjoyed during tours: over 7,000.